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About Us

Hunger Impact Partners brings a laser focus to leading initiatives that support high impact child nutrition programs available to food insecure children. Armed with in-depth knowledge in hunger relief, strong cross-sector partnerships, and nutrition program expertise, we are improving upon our track record of customizing community solutions designed to close the meal gap for low-income kids. We invest in and support child nutrition program access and utilization for all eligible children living at or below poverty. In turn, these efforts unlock corresponding federal reimbursement dollars that provide sustainability.  

Always in collaboration with communities, schools, state agencies, non-profits, and businesses, we are a Collective Impact model of social innovation for sustainable large-scale change. Together we:

  • Synthesize big data to drive strategies
  • Design, test, and fund new child nutrition program delivery models 
  • Mobilize mutually reinforcing activities and resources within communities
  • Catalyze best practices tailored to individual communities using the Child Nutrition Index
  • Promote and encourage replication nationwide

Provide 20 million meals to hungry Minnesota children and generate $35.6 million in sustainable revenue.

OUR VISION: Food For Every Child
Nutritious food access for every economically eligible Minnesota infant and child up to 18 years old.

Change the trajectory of hunger relief for Minnesota’s children living in urban, suburban, and rural economic hardship so they can realize their full potential.

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLE: Kids should only be hungry to learn.

Working to close the academic achievement gap for low income kids, we believe that nutrition is key to supporting their learning performance and health outcomes. In conjunction with our research and evaluation partner EnSearch, Inc., we created a proprietary analytics tool drawn from data sources at the Minnesota Departments of Education, Health, and Human Services. Our Child Nutrition Index allows Hunger Impact Partners and its stakeholders to target markets, numbers of eligible children and geographic locations with severe need across the state. It is the combination of rich data, localized problem-solving, and proven meal delivery model implementation that sets our work apart.

Use data to bring laser focus on high-impact, child nutrition strategies for school breakfast, after-school meals, infant and toddler nutrition programs, daycare settings, and summer feeding.

We leverage large-scale change. We will secure:

SCHOOL BREAKFAST — 28% increase in the school breakfast program. 5.8 million additional meals consumed. $8 million in additional revenue.

NOT-IN-SCHOOL-TIME MEALS — 7.3 million additional meals served in after-school and licensed daycare programs, garnering $20.6 million of added reimbursement.

SUMMER MEALS — 20% increase in summer meals consisting of 2.7 million additional meals and $6 million revenue.

HEALTHY FOOD FROM BIRTH TO FIVE — 10% increase. 4 million added in meals/food packs. $1 million revenue.



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