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Hunger Impact Partners Results To Date

Strategy rests on Hunger Impact Partners supporting a strong network of statewide, community-based initiatives and partners. Working to end childhood hunger, we mobilize collective action to increase meal program participation. We track progress to refine, scale, and replicate successful tactics for all food insecure children. We synthesize big data and update our results quarterly.

Our Legacy of Hunger-Free Minnesota Campaign

Hunger-Free Minnesota set out to fill the meal gap through improved food sourcing from farm to table and in-between, building service capacity, as well as heightened government nutrition program awareness and participation. The model of collective impact ultimately targeted adding 60 million meals. Tangible goals were set and met, thanks to a cumulative investment of more than $9.7 million in communities spanning Minnesota, and the impact of 431 creative projects conceived of and implemented by hundreds of individuals through eight key initiatives that evolved over time.

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