An Innovative Approach
To Solving Child Hunger

Hunger’s Impact On Our Children

Hungry infants and young children:

  • experience delayed development, poorer attachment, and learning difficulties in the first two years of life
  • are more likely to require hospitalization
  • are at higher risk for chronic health conditions, such as anemia and asthma
  • have more frequent instances of oral health problems

Hungry school-age children:

  • are twice as likely to repeat a grade
  • are more likely to have lower math and reading scores
  • are three times more likely to be suspended from school
  • are more likely to be absent from or late to school
  • show a heightened propensity for having isolating or anti-social behaviors, and a greater need for special education

How Well Are We Feeding Our Children?

Hunger Impact Partners applied a synthesized, common sense approach to answering this fundamental question. That said, our approach is a unique departure from commonly held wisdom. Turns out, the answer is: Not well enough. But the solution to the problem is right here.