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Prepared Food Rescue

Food for every family

Prepared food rescue is, simply put, the redistribution of surplus food from commercial and institutional enterprises, like restaurants and corporate cafeterias. Good food, just waiting for hungry children.

Capturing just 0.5% of the 517,000 tons of annual food waste in Minnesota each year could provide over 4.3 million additional meals.

When there are 500,000 children in Minnesota missing meals, why let this food go to waste?

The challenge: Moving the food from point A to point B efficiently and timely is not so simple.

Hunger Impact Partners is helping to broker and streamline the process of transferring donated prepared food to where it can feed hungry Minnesota kids in need.



  • Feeds families in need
  • Advances corporate sustainability strategies
  • Reduces food waste and methane emissions
  • Generates good will and visible community benefit


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