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Research Studies

On The Road To A Brighter Future – How Child Care Providers Are Following Best Practices In Nutrition And Physical Activity – University of Minnesota – 2017

Hunger In America – 2016 United States Hunger And Poverty Facts – World Hunger Education Service & Hunger Notes – 2016

Healthy Start Healthy State Study- Supporting Early Child Care Food And Activity Environments In MN- University of Minnesota- 2016

Minnesota Kids Count 2016 Tipping the Scales in Early Childhood – Children’s Defense Fund – 2016

The 2016 Hunger Report by the Numbers – Bread for the World Institute – 2016

The Nourishing Effect Ending Hunger, Improving Health, Reducing Inequality – Bread for the World Institute – 2016

Kids Count 2015 Data Book – The Annie E. Casey Foundation – July 2015

Ending Childhood Hunger A social impact analysis – Deloitte and Share our Strength – 2013

Hunger in America Suffering We all Pay for – Brandeis University – 2011

Cost Benefit Hunger Impact Study – University of Minnesota Food Industry Center – 2010

Living and Learning with Mobile Devices

Pew Research Center – Teens and Technology 2013

A Majority of American Teens Report Access to a Computer, Game Console, Smartphone and a Tablet

Mobile Access Shifts Social Media Use and Other Online Activities

Record shares of Americans now own smartphones, have home broadband


Ending Hunger in Our Classrooms – Children’s HealthWatch & Eos Foundation – April 2017

School Meal Programs Innovate To Improve Student Nutrition – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation & The Pew Charitable Trusts – Dec 2016

Research Brief – Breakfast for Health – FRAC – October 2016

Breakfast in the Classroom Improves Child Health and Student Success – Children’s HealthWatch – 2016

Implementing Strong Nutrition Standards for Schools, Financial Implications – CDC

Reimbursement Rates & Income Guidelines for the Federal Child Nutrition Programs – FRAC – Effective July 2015 to June 2016

School Meals in Transition – USDA – August 2015

Food Assistance Programs and Child Health – The Future of Children; Craig Gunderson – Spring 2015

Nutrition and Students’ Academic Performance – Wilder Research- January 2014

Hunger In Our Schools Teachers Report- No Kid Hungry- 2013

Breakfast and Adolescent Academic Performance- An Analytical Review of Recent Research – June 2012

Fact Sheet – School Breakfast Program – No Kid Hungry – 2012


CACFP Performance in Child Care Centers – Minnesota Department of Education – March 2017

How the Child and Adult Care Food Program Improves Early Childhood Education – Center for American Progress – June 2015

Child Care Feeding Programs Support Young Children’s Healthy Development – Children’s HealthWatch – January 2010


Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation – Summer Nutrition Status Report – FRAC – June 2017

Serving Summer Meals in Health Care Institutions – An Implementation Guide – 2016


Treatment Plan For Hunger – SNAP, WIC, and the Community Eligibility Provision – Children’s HealthWatch – 2016

Brain Development in Infants and Toddlers – Think Small – 2017

The Role of Nutrition in Brain Development – The Golden Opportunity of the First 1000 Days – The Journal of Pediatrics – Sarah E.C. & Michael K.G. – 2016

Building on Strength Keeping Young Children Connected to WIC- Children’s HealthWatch Commissioned by HFMN- April 2015

Food Security Protects Minnesota Children’s Health – Children’s HealthWatch Commissioned by HFMN – February 2014

Long-term Brain and Behavioral Consequences of Early Iron Deficiency – NIH – Michael K.G. – 2011


Commercial Recycling Requirement (w-sw10-02) – Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – March 2015

Food Loss and Waste in the US, The Science Behind the Supply Chain – University of Minnesota – April 2014

Best Practices & Emerging Solutions Toolkit – Food Waste Reduction Alliance – Spring 2014

The Estimated Amount… Food Losses… in the United States – USDA – February 2014

Municipal Solid Waste in the United States – EPA – May 2013

How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Fork to Landfill – NRDC; Dana Gunders – August 2012

Food Waste Tier 1 Assessment – BSR – March 2012

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