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Food from Birth to Five Open

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The participation of eligible Minnesotans in the WIC supplemental nutrition program ranks the third highest in the country. Unfortunately, many eligible recipients withdraw from the program before their children reach age five. The biggest drop-off occurs when children are between the ages of 12 months to 17 months. Parents cite numerous reasons for leaving WIC: transportation and other logistical hurdles, perceived stigma for participants, and complex transactions at grocery checkouts.

Pilot grants will be awarded to WIC clinics in Minnesota to fund incentives to increase the retention of WIC participation for children 12 months and older. The WIC Retention Program:

  • Will require grants to be used for bus tokens or other transportation subsidies, gift cards or other incentives appropriate for clinic clientele (diapers, etc.) and clinic administration fees. The sum of each grant will be based on the size of the clinic’s population of children 12 months and older.
  • Will run in six-month pilots. There will be rolling opportunities for other clinics to apply for grants.
  • Will work with Hunger Impact Partners to develop a plan to evaluate the program’s impact.

Grants will be evaluated based on these criteria:

  • Clinic location per geographic targets
  • Clinic’s population of children 12 months and older
  • Willingness of clinic staff to pilot initiatives and work with Hunger Impact Partners to test new ideas to increase WIC retention.

We want to partner with other organizations with large WIC populations. Please contact to discuss possible WIC retention grant opportunities.  


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