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Kids Should Only Be Hungry to Learn

At Hunger Impact Partners, we work to ensure that children have access to food. The truth is, communities of color experience food insecurity more than others and that’s just the beginning of disparities. It’s incomprehensible that children have to grow up facing racism every day, at every age. As an organization, we want all citizens to commit to ending this injustice. We stand with those facing prejudice. We hold out hope that our communities will come together to heal, grow stronger, become more aware of social inequities, and be willing to do what is needed to eradicate racism.

Free Meals for Kids

Visit our website, Free Meals for Kids Mobile App

Mobile App to Access Meals during the Pandemic

As Covid-19 spreads throughout the US, schools are balancing their role of helping prevent disease transmission with ensuring access to food for children who rely on the federal nutrition safety net. The Free Meals for Kids mobile App will help kids and families in need find and access free meals at hundreds of schools and other sites across Minnesota. It is the central resource for statewide information about schools, school districts and communities offering meals during the pandemic.

The App, powered by GPS, shows locations that are providing meals and meal packs, with days and hours for distribution. It also shows the distance and directions to the nearest site.  Kids 18 and under or family members can receive these free meals.  Many of the sites are using creative methods to make free meals available to kids.  They are finding ways to decrease social exposures and reduce the time and transportation burden for families by providing multiple days’ worth of meals, allowing for drive-through pickup, or coordinating meal deliveries via bus stop routes. Some sites are providing shelf-stable food packs for families. Mobile app Q&A. Press Release. Summer Food Service Program Updates.

The App is free at the Apple App and the Google Play stores. The list of schools and other sites providing meals is updated daily. To include your site on the App, please email Lauren Kraft at

Free Nutritious School Meals For Kids 18 And Under. Download pdf for viewing and printing

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Free Meals for Kids 8.5x11wcrops.pdf
Free Meals for Kids_2up_flyer.pdf
Free Meals for Kids_2up_flyerwcrops.pdf

Free Meals for Kids

Conservatively 1 in 3 children is living in poverty.

They miss a meal every other day. Hunger Impact Partners’ initiatives drive participation in high-potential, underutilized federal child nutrition programs. We support and leverage a powerful network of statewide and community partners. We focus on healthy food from birth to 5, child care center meals, school breakfast, after-school meals and free summer meals. With our leadership and partners, we close the meal gap for hungry Minnesota kids.

We increase access to nutritious food for Minnesota children who are struggling with food insecurity.

We drive systemic and sustainable growth in targeted meal programs to reach all eligible kids.


Watch the documentary Love Them First by Lindsay Seavert of Kare11. It’s a transparent account of the challenges our children face and how one school is making a difference in their lives.

Love Them First Video

Young Learners, Missed Opportunities:
Kids of Color Often Shut Out of High-Quality State Preschool. New report.

Cutting 700,000 Americans from SNAP will increase health costs. Recent Articles

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