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Social Inequities

We work to ensure that children have access to food. The truth is, communities of color experience food insecurity more than others and the need has been even more dire since the COVID pandemic. It’s incomprehensible that children have to grow up facing racism every day, at every age. As an organization, we want all citizens to commit to ending this injustice. We stand with those facing prejudice. We hold out hope that our communities will come together to heal, grow stronger, become more aware of social inequities, and be willing to do what is needed to eradicate racism.

We increase access to nutritious food for Minnesota Infants and children by leveraging under-utilized federal meals programs in childcare, school and community settings. Children should only be hungry to learn.

Free Meals for Kids

Free Meals for Kids — Use this app to find free meals nearest you. It’s one of our 5 precision-focused programs that provide nutritious meals for kids.

Child Nutrition Index

More than 600,000 kids are hungry in Minnesota. How well are we feeding our kids? Find out for your community.


We’re a nonprofit that supports grassroots organizations, schools, childcare centers and youth programs to address child hunger. Join us and donate to the Hunger Free KIDS Fund.

News Update

Expansion of food benefits  to youngest Minnesotan supports overall health, wellness. (MinnPost, June 16)

Boom in once-rare online school programs could reshape Minnesota education. (Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 12)

Girl Writing Righthanded

Minnesota graduation rates hold steady in 2020 despite pandemic (Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 10)

A time of  unprecedented challenge.  (A letter from our CEO & the  2020 Annual Report)

Connect the Dots

Minnesota kids who are at risk of hunger. LEARN MORE

Minnesota sites that offer free meal packs for kids through June ’21. LEARN MORE

That’s right.  More than 30 percent of Minnesota kids miss a meal every other day.

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