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Marketing materials for 2024 are available below or on the Minnesota Department of Education web site to promote free breakfast and lunch through your school’s participation in the School Breakfast and the School Lunch programs.

This Say Yes! to School Meals project was funded using U.S. Department of Agriculture grant funds.

School staff will find the below infographics in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Somali. Also below are instructions for their use, and videos explaining the program’s benefits.


  •  School Breakfast and School Lunch infographics, which can be shared with parents. (Download 168 MB ZIP file.)
  • Social Media Toolkit with instructions for publishing the downloadable images and text on social media platforms. (Download 1 MB PDF)
  • Videos
  1. What’s the Scoop with School Nutrition Programs (5:55)
    Program overview and guidelines.
  2. The Benefits of School Meals (3:47)
    Helping students inside and outside the class room.
  3. Expanding School Wellness Opportunities (3:46)
    Explaining the dimensions of school wellness.
  4. Delicious School Meal Choices (3:44)
    A menu of familiar and new food options.
  5. Connecting with Students through School Meals (4:29)
    Helping students with their mental well-being.
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