Kids Should Only
Be Hungry To Learn

Our Vision
Food for Every Child

Our Goal
30 Million Meals

Children At-risk for Hunger

112 Million
Missing Meals

$238 Million
in State Education Costs

$144 Million
in Lost Federal Program Reimbursements

Cross-sector. Collaborative. Innovative. Data-Driven. Laser-Focused.

Hunger Impact Partners will increase participation in high-potential, under-utilized federal child nutrition programs. We will start to break down barriers and feed more Minnesotan children in need of healthy meals.

Our strategy rests on serving as the backbone organization that supports and leverages a powerful network of statewide and community-based initiatives and partners – all working to end hunger for Minnesota kids. We will set measurable goals for increasing participation, plan and manage strategies to achieve collective objectives, use data to inform decisions and target need, track progress, and refine, scale and replicate successful tactics.

Our Mission

Change the trajectory of hunger relief for Minnesota’s 167,805 infants and small children, as well as the 330,876 school-age kids who are at-risk of being hungry.

Our Results


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