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School Breakfast Meals Open 

Please click here to download the application form. 

Research indicates that students are more successful in school when they eat a nutritious breakfast. Yet, many are forgoing this meal. Only 48 percent of school breakfasts available in Minnesota are served, leaving $44 million of federal reimbursements unclaimed. We work with school administrators to ensure more kids eat breakfast, so they have the energy to get their days off to a good start.  Our focus is on alternative serving models and times that are customized to each school site. Removing barriers to access is key.

We are seeing behavioral changes among students, parents, and staff who now recognize that regular access to breakfast makes an important difference. Our data is confirming that the average number of breakfasts per child has increased, which tells us more kids are eating more regularly but we still need to reach more of them. Please consider submitting a proposal for support.

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